Trigger Warnings

Many of the books we’ll be reading (as well as the blogs and articles we’ll link) are going to be discussing really serious issues, like rape, domestic abuse, and mental illness.

On a lot of sites, topics like this will be warned for in advance of their discussion – these are called trigger warnings, and are intended to reduce potential harm to the reader.

Here on the Feminist Book Club, we don’t want to cause any harm to anyone if we can help it. However, a lot of books (especially works of fiction) rely on the shock of revealing heinous acts as part of the story-telling device. For that reason, we will not be posting specific trigger warnings for the works discussed here, and will not require trigger warnings on the comments in the discussion posts (as noted on the Comment Guidelines page, we require trigger warnings for the support posts).

Bearing that in mind, please use your own judgement in reading the works we’ll be discussing and in participating in the discussions. Look after yourself, and feel free to use the support posts as a source of comfort and a space to be looked after.

We know some readers may be younger, but we hope everyone is mature enough to make a judgement for themselves as to whether a book is suitable for them to read.

Lots of books we read here won’t have problems like this – we just want to let you know that some will, and we’d hate for anyone to become distressed or be unsafe as a result of our little club. We are always here for support – please never hesitate to reach out if you need to.


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