About the Club

Welcome to the Feminist Book Club!

This space was created after Poppy asked for some book recommendations, and got absolutely inundated with suggestions. After a lot of twitter back-and-forth, we decided it would be nice to set up a space where we can read books together, have a chat, and hopefully learn some things.

This is an inclusive space: all are welcome, regardless of how well-read you are or how much you know about feminism. Stilli’s hardly read any feminist texts, for instance, and yet here she is running the blog (the cheeky so-and-so). Specific content guidelines can be seen on the comment policy page.

Our current plan is to post a new blog every month or so that will act as a discussion space for the book of the month. This post will never be closed – you’re more than welcome to add comments after the month is up and it’s no longer the ‘active’ post. We’ll also be posting a support blog for each book: these posts will be SAFE SPACES – for more information see the comment policy page.

Of course, books can take a while to get through, so we’ll periodically be posting about essays, films, television shows, and any other forms of media that you lovely lot suggest. On that note, got something you think we should read and talk about? Head on over to the suggestions page!

We hope you’ll join us in our quest to become better-read feminists.


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