The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

For our third book we have chosen The Bluest Eye. It was a choice between this and The Colour Purple by Alice Walker, but we know most people have read The Colour Purple before, and it has been done at a lot of book clubs, so we went for The Bluest Eye. It is Toni Morissons first book, written in 1970 while she was teaching at Howard University and raising two sons. The book covers a year in the life of Pecola , a poor, black girl who believes that she is ugly, but is told from the perspective of Claudia Macteer , a resilient, self-determined pre-teenager, and also a third person viewpoint. The story covers a lot of difficult subjects, so when reading, and when we are having the discussion please put your own selfcare first. We really hope you’ll join us here at 7pm on Tuesday 28th May for our chat.


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